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Seriode Collective is a a Toronto based business that creates unique handmade merchandise, its main focus being jewelry and art prints.

11 Furniture & Decor DIYs for an Industrial Rustic Home


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11 Furniture & Decor DIYs for an Industrial Rustic Home

Chloe Martin

If it's reclaimed wood, concrete or copper, I'm all over it. Unfortunately, my current living space is quite small, and a rental which limits my DIY power so instead I've collected this list of projects (which all come with great step by step breakdowns) for my future home. These are so great, I wanted to share, especially because each of these projects can totally be modified to fit your space.

1. Copper Pipe Plant Hangers - Via Brit + Co

This one is super quick and easy. You can find everything you need from the hardware store and it will be quite inexpensive. You don't need much for tools either other than a hacksaw so anyone can do this project. I think I would modify the base to fit small pots, that way you have more plant options.

2. Concrete Pendant Lamp - Via HomeMade-Modern

This is another beginner level project. It may however take a little experimentation to get the shape of the pendant you're going for but hey, that's half the fun! This tutorial is so great because they include great resources where you can buy the materials needed and exactly what you need to get. You'll need a drill for this project but that's the only power tool necessary so it's still quite basic but will require a little handiwork.

3. Copper Pipe Wall Hanging - Via A Beautiful Mess

Isn't this just gorgeous?! This is super easy and doesn't require much in terms of materials and tools. All you need is a hacksaw and copper tube. You can also easily customize the pattern and the colour of piping, although I really love the white on white here.

4. Hanging Wood & Rope Shelf - Via Lucy Akins

Okay, so here we're getting into the more complicated stuff but I think with the right tools, this is still completely doable for a beginner. As with a lot of the projects on this list, this one may cost you a bit in materials, but still comes in at a fraction of the price of something store bought. Plus you get a custom piece. I love the light coloured wood here but I think I would stain it or wash it to enhance the rustic feel.

5. Industrial Bathroom Light Fixture - Via Snazzy Little Things

This light fixture is so chic and I love that it's really rugged. This is definitely a more complex project but again this tutorial goes into great detail on how to wire the lights so you aren't left scratching your head.

6. Floating Copper Shelf - Via Vintage Revival

DIY floating copper shelves - Vintage Revival

Obviously I have an obsession with all things copper...but these are seriously amazing! The tutorial explains how to build the floating shelves from scratch and uses copper sheets nailed into the frame of the shelves to get that hammered look. If I were to try this project I would take the easy way out and use these IKEA LACK shelves, sand them down and spray paint them. Although I'm not convinced you'd get that warm metallic colour.

7. Industrial Rustic Shelf - Via Sylvie Liv

I have seen so may variations of this kind of shelf, which is the best part about this project. You can totally customize it to your wall space. It's also actually a lot easier than it looks. It's pretty straight forward to put together. An easy solution for storage shortages.

8. Copper & Marble Side Table - Via Style Me Pretty

DIY copper & marble side table - Style Me Pretty

This is at the top of my to do list, it is hella chic and luxurious...but it's all an illusion. You can make this very same table for super cheap, and very easily. This DIY is an IKEA hack, it's simply one of their side tables that has been modified.

9. Wooden Ceiling Beams - Via Jenna Sue Design

If you love rustic, wood ceiling beams are probably a staple in your dream kitchen or living room. You'll be impressed at how simple this actually is. The beams are actually just frames meaning that they're lighter and more manageable. This also ensures that you can stain them to your desired shade. What a great statement piece!

10. Sliding Barn Door - Via AKA Design

Oh God, this is phenomenal! This project is a little more advanced and you will need an assortment of power tools. The tutorial breaks down everything from staining the wood to assembling it and installing the track to allow the door to slide. Not only is this such a practical DIY, it also doubles as a beautiful accent wall.

11. Rustic Apothecary - Via Sawdust 2 Stitches

DIY rustic apothecary - Sawdust2Stitches

Here's another IKEA hack, it's infinitely more complex and will require some patience but the results are so stunning. The project basically consists of covering up an IKEA cubby shelf (which I have 3 of and therefore would not mind sacrificing one to this DIY). It does require quite a few pieces and lots of wood. This would make such a gorgeous piece for an entry way and hides a ton of storage space.

So there you have it! Try these out, experiment and share the results!